Starters/Light Bites

Soup of the Day (v) (gf available)


Ask your server what the kitchen has in store for you today. Always served with warm baguette.

Breaded Somerset Brie Wedges (v)


Generous pieces of melting Brie encased in golden breadcrumbs and served with cranberry sauce. Unashamedly rich and delicious.

Beer-Battered Cod Bites (gf available)


Fried until golden and crispy, pieces of locally sourced cod in our JHB beer batter. Great as a starter or as an alternative to our rather large fish and chips. Served with caper-rich tartare sauce.

Crispy fried Calamari (gf available)


Thin slices of calamari tossed in spicy seasoned flour, deep fried and garnished with fresh chillies & coriander, served with a creamy garlic mayonnaise.

Bloody Mary Prawn Cocktail (gf available)


A timeless classic in our eyes! Cold water prawns in our signature Bloody Mary inspired Marie Rose sauce, with shredded crisp lettuce and diced cucumber, sprinkled with paprika.


Oakham JHB Beer Battered Fish and Chips (gfavailable)

Our premium sides of cod are sourced from local fishmongers ‘Highland Fisheries’ and filleted on site. Coated in a light, crisp beer batter using Oakham JHB bitter (whynottry apintwithyourmeal?) and served with our house cut triple-cooked chips and your choice of garden OR minted mushy peas, along with a side of our caper-rich tartare sauce.


The House Classic Burger

Hand pressed and made using locally sourced prime steak mince with a few spices thrown in, our ½ pounder is served in a lightly toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and creamymayonnaise. Accompanied by a bucket of fries and two ‘JHB’ beer-batteredonion rings.


Make it even better with smoked back bacon & cheddar cheese 1.50

Breaded Wholetail Scampi

It may not sound too classy, but we think it’s a pub staple. The best quality breaded scampi tails are sourced by our fish monger and served with a mound of fries, dressed salad, and buttered peas, along with a generous helping of our caper-rich tartare sauce.


Chilli con Carne (gf)

One of our most popular dishes by far. Made with the same locally sourced premium steak mince used in our burgers along with cumin, paprika, coriander, turmeric and several types of chilli as well as the associated veggies in this classic dish. Served with fluffy white rice, a dollop of cooling crème fraiche, and some hot pickled jalapenos, along with a handful of tortilla chips.


Six Bells Pie of the Day

We can’t tell you what’s going to be in it on here, but we can tell you our pie is always made in a traditional way-shortcrust pastry bottom and a flaky puff pastry top, served with its own gravy, creamy mashed potatoes OR house cut triple-cooked chips and seasonal vegetables. Take a peek at our specials board to see todays offering.

See board in main bar

Honey Roasted Gammon Ham, Free-Range Eggs and Chips (gf)

A lunchtime treat anytime of the year. Our gammon is roasted whole with a honey glaze and hand sliced, served with two fried free range eggs, our house cut triple-cooked chips and garden peas.


Cumberland Sausages and Mash

Three of our local butchers sausages on top of creamy mashed potato, with a red wine pan gravy and crispy fried onions. Served with a side of seasonal vegetables.


Local Lamb’s Liver and Bacon (gf available)

A Six Bells favourite time and again. Tenderlamb’s liver floured and panfried with onions thyme and butter, smothered in red wine gravy and finished with two slices of crispy smoked back bacon on amound of creamy mashed potato. Served with buttered garden peas.


The Vegan Burger

A smoky bean, beetroot, and quinoa patty, pan-fried and topped with vegan cheese, served in a lightly toasted bun with lettuce, tomato and onion. Accompanied by a bucket of fries and two crispy onion rings.


Five-Bean Spicy Chilli (vg available) (gf)

A mix of beans, pulses, peppers, onions,tomatoes and fresh chilli, all blended in with coriander, turmeric, garlic and cumin to name but a few. Served with fluffy white rice, pickled jalapenos, a dollop of crème fraiche and a handful of tortilla chips.


Wild Mushroom Stroganoff (GF)

Cooked to a traditional recipe, wild mushrooms are sautéed with garlic, onions, and gherkins before being tossed into a cream, white wine, and paprika sauce. Served with fluffy white rice.



Six Bells Steakwich

Sliced Aged Ribeye steak pan fried with onions and mushrooms in thyme butter served in a warm toasted baguette, served with fries.


Roasted Vegetable and Hummus (vg)

Mediterranean vegetables oven roasted in garlic, rosemary and olive oil, with thick and creamy Hummus in a warm baguette served with fries



All available on white or wholemeal bloomer or baguette, with one of our dressed side salads and a handful of crisps

Add fries for 1.50

Bacon, brie and cranberry 6.95

Tuna and spring onion crunch 6.95

Mature Cheddar cheese and sweet ploughman’s pickle 6.95

Cumberland sausages and caramelised onion chutney 6.95

Prawns in Marie Rose Sauce 7.25

‘Jackets’ (gf)

Your classic pub lunch fayre done properly, oven roasted Jacket potato, piping hot and crispy, served with a dressed side salad.

Simply choose one of the following:

Mature Cheddar Cheese

Chilli Con Carne

Spicy Five Bean Chilli

Baked Beans

Brie and Cranberry

Tuna and spring onion Mayonnaise

Prawns in Mary Rose sauce


Add another filling for 1.50


‘JHB’ beer battered onion rings   3.50

Bowl of fries  3.00

Add cheddar cheese   1.00

Bowl of house cut triple-cooked chips   3.50

Add cheddar cheese   1.00

House dressed side Salad   3.50

Seasonal Vegetables   3.50

Garlic Bread  3.00


To see what our chefs have in store for you today, please see the board in the main bar


There is always room for one of our traditional desserts-all made by Kate Oliver! Please see board in main bar for today’sselection.

*A discretionary service charge of 12% will be added to tables of 6 or more